Why Us For Your New Home Rental?

Our Killeen Texas rental homes are late model double and single section Manufactured Housing. All of our homes start at 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom homes and they range in size from 1200 square feet all the way up to 2000 square feet! The thing that makes Clear Creek Rentals different from everyone else is the cost. Our rental houses range in price from $645.00 to $750.00 which is about the same price as a 2 bedroom apartment rental! With the rental apartments being about half the size of our rental homes, you get twice the living space for the same money at Clear Creek Rentals. That is why our rental homes are the best value in Killeen, Texas. All our homes for rent are located in our premier manufactured housing community with super large lots and off street parking for each rental unit. No more trying to find a parking space like in a apartment rentals, with lots of room for your kids to play. Clear Creek Rentals in Killeen Texas is a quite safe family oriented community that is a great place to live. For those of you with school aged children, we have a covered bus stop located in the community, just feet from where the Killeen Independent School District picks the kids up. Shoemaker High School located on Clear Creek Road, Palo Alto Middle School and Dr. Joseph A. Fowler Elementary schools are all just minutes from our community rentals. Clear Creek Rentals is located at 6000 Clear Creek Road which is very convenient to Fort Hood soldiers. We are located just 3.5 miles from the main PX on Fort Hood and 3 miles from Metroplex Hospital and 2 miles from the newest Wal-Mart in Killeen. We have numerous eating establishments and convenience stores located within a mile of our Clear Creek community.

Below are reasons we are a Better choice than apartments.

1 Value!! On a cost per sq. ft. basis our rental homes are half as much as an apartment rental, which means you get 2 times as much space for the same money with Clear Creek Home Rentals.

2 Bus Stop! We provide a covered school bus stop to keep your kids out of the rain in Clear Creek Rental Communities. Covenant for parents at work. Parents can understand the value on this.

3 Parking In an rental apartment complex, there never seems to be enough parking, or if there is, it is always a long way from your apartment. At Clear Creek Rentals you do not have that problem. Each rental unit has parking for 2 cars off the street right in front of your house. No more searching for a space close to your rental unit.

4 Yard In an apartment rental there is no where for your kids to play. Each of our rental units have a large yard for kids to play in. This also allows for all kinds of other activities like washing your car or have a Bar-B-Cue.

5 Quiet!! Our rental homes are located on large lots which means your neighbors are not right on top of you. Most everybody has lived in an apartment rental at one time or another. You know that when you have so many people in such a small area, there is always someone going or coming, slamming doors, talking loud or playing loud music. All these things make it hard to relax in your own place. At Clear Creek Rentals your nearest neighbor is over 50 feet away, not on the other side of a 4 inch wall like in an apartment rental. Your living experience will be much more calm, quite and enjoyable in our Clear Creek rentals community.

6 Ground Floor Living!! Of course all our renal homes are on the ground floor. In an apartment rental setting there is normally a 2nd and 3rd floor. If you live on the 2nd or 3rd floor you know what a hassle it is to walk up the stairs day in and day out, carrying things like groceries or furniture. And if you are lucky enough to get on the ground floor you have to listen to everybody else going up and down the stairs.

7 Large Rooms!! In most rental apartments by the time you put a bed in the bedroom or a couch in the living room you are out of space. Our rental homes at Clear Creek are very spacious. You have plenty of area for all your furniture, with room to spare.